New Video Proxy added to our network of proxies!

We have just added a new web video proxy to our network which can be used to unblock videos from around the world.
Take a look at the new proxy site here: Video Proxy
The video unblocker is made for YouTube but we are hoping to release a new plugin for our network so you can watch Vimeo videos!

Unfortunately YouTube is still blocked in Pakistan, we are not sure when the ban will be lifted but at least you can still watch videos
using our video proxy sites, please keep us posted if you have any issues using our proxy by contacting us using the link above.

We have also updated all our websites to give it a more user friendly experience, hope you all in enjoy the new look and web proxy site!

Our Web Proxy Websites

Our proxy network has grown and we now have a number of proxy websites which can all unblock youtube.
All these proxy sites can unblock other social media websites as well.

We have also upgraded our server and network speed to allow for more traffic.
Hope you enjoy the free proxy service! is now

Yes we have changed domain names due to having “youtube” in our domain name, which violates googles terms for using their adverts on our website.
We came up with because its simple but still contains the main name just split in two.

Please remember to share with your family and friends as this website is a free service for all!
We wont charge anyone to use our proxy service ever.

If you have any issues with browsing youtube on our website, please contact us using the contact page!

Thank you and enjoy our web proxy!

Using a Web Proxy with Youtube

You may notice some issues browsing YouTube when using our web proxy, sometimes this can be at your end.
I suggest you clear your cookies on your browser and try to access YouTube via our proxy again.

Also some YouTube videos only work with HD, our web proxy cannot play these at this time, we are working on a fix for this!
This includes music videos from the VEVO network, I will post an update on our blog when we have this working.

Most YouTube videos will work, you cannot login, add or view comments or upload videos either which is limited by the web proxy,
this is because the web proxy cannot allow java script and other functions. At least you can view videos though which is the main thing.

Remember if you have issues, clear your cookies and try again! :)

Using Youtube Proxy to Unblock Youtube

Welcome to Free YouTube Proxy Blog, we are committed in delivering a great experience for people who cannot access YouTube.
By using our website to browse into YouTube you are changing your location from where you browse from and using our server to browse for you.
There is limited functionality however, you cannot comment or upload videos but most people want to just view videos anyway!

Youtube Proxy will be soon upgraded to a larger server which will increase loading times,
we have high traffic during night time of Pakistan as the Pakistani government blocked YouTube for the whole country!

We also have another website which is made to unblock YouTube here: Unblock Youtube

Feel free to contact us using the link up the top if you have any support questions or advertising queries.
Thanks :)

Why Youtube is Banned in Pakistan

YouTube was banned in Pakistan in September 2012 after a blasphemous video titled “Innocence of Muslims” was uploaded, Muslims all over the world protested against it. A petition was filed with the Lahore High Court challenging the ban on YouTube. In a recent statement, the counsel for petitioner advocate Yasser Latif Hamdani said that “the YouTube ban took away the right of Muslims to respond to scurrilous attacks on Islam and the Holy Prophet” (PBUH).

The Pakistani people still have a way to access YouTube by using our website Youtube Proxy, it is very easy to use.
Once you are on the home page, you need to click the “Go” button and it will load the youtube home page for you.
This may be slow to load videos but our traffic is so high from so many Pakistani people it’s impossible to have quick video streaming.

Please tell your friends and family about our proxy service as this works for youtube, facebook, twitter and other social media websites.
We believe everyone should have access to the Internet without being blocked out from the rest of the world, freedom to see what you want!



It is easy to get many videos which have been obstructed about the YouTube that is typically the most popular web webpage. Such obstructed videos consist regarding material including porn, brand infringements by using specialist music requirements within your singularly designed videos. As a result of this type of controversies Youtube ought to block this sort of video clips. This kind of comes about inside most of the nations around the world many times. These kinds of dubious videos usually are blocked and occasionally Youtube will become any victim of computer and the total website will be blocked around the world being a interact to that.

Warner Tunes Crew (WMG) could be the third-largest business as well as group of history models within the creating market, generating that one of several “big four” music business. Within next generations, Warner Tunes Crew continues to be harnessed in numerous disputes, the most notorious getting your preventing regarding Youtube videos simply by WMG.

Arguments with Youtube

YouTube In Dec ’08, discussions among WMG as well as Youtube divide along. Consequently, Warner Tunes Crew possesses consistently blocked or humble movie pieces in Youtube which perform music documents which participate in the models in order to the putting up equip, Warner/Chappell Tunes, declaring brand infringement. Despite the fact that the majority of the blocked movie pieces usually are not proper content regarding WMG, many people include things like WMG documents within a nominal means normally protected simply by Affordable Make use of. A number of these claims in order to brand infringement not only effect performers who definitely are below history models possessed or allotted simply by WMG, but additionally in order to performers that have songs released as well as managed simply by Warner/Chappell, in spite of item. This kind of tends to make this company among non-WMG performers as well as WMG a lot less noticeable in order to Youtube customers since music entrepreneurs, in contrast to history models, usually don’t item them selves for their documents. Muting also took place in order to pieces introducing men and women guarding music by way of a WMG specialist or of an music managed simply by Warner/Chappell. This effect from Youtube customers in influenced movie pieces continues to be absolutely negative towards WMG. Specially, Dallas group Decrease of lifetime Pickup truck’s cab regarding Cutie ended up being influenced when music movie pieces buffering on the web site from other Sea Data choices Options as well as Filtration Stairways were being eradicated simply by WMG. The situation as well as point of view regarding WMG possesses because difficult after they started off getting rid of as well as muting songs that are includes instead of merely documents.

Within September 21 years of age, ’09, CNET exposed which Warner Songs Crew got quite possibly hit a whole new deal with Youtube as well as WMG videos may start featuring returning in Youtube within just months. It turned out validated in Warner Songs Crew Information and the Youtube Blog in September 28, ’09 which Youtube as well as Warner Songs Crew were being within a multi-year deal with the 2.

A new rules presented inside December by the European authorities presents all of them your proper lawful capacity to reduce World wide web substance that may be banned or bad for kids. The us government possesses decided on a whole new rules to go immediately after Fb or Twitter, Twitter updates as well as Youtube, amongst others, requesting sites for taking along specific content, videos as well as substance. Youtube, that is possessed simply by Yahoo, could be the solely web site that has refused in order to block most of the questioned substance.

Youtube documented any the courtroom action inside European the courtroom inside January. This accommodate says which videos which present learning to make any phony hurt with makeup as well as a chef’s knife is perfect for pleasure, but Youtube won’t feel your movie must be blocked. On the other hand, your video-sharing web site performed follow your demand within the brand-new rules in order to block one motion picture, receiving with European government bodies the movie sold damage which enables it to be the explanation of committing suicide

Purity regarding Muslim will be another dubious movie published in Youtube. Yahoo possesses declared who’s possesses started off preventing any of late declared anti-Islam motion picture, helping to make exciting regarding Islam as well as Prophet Mohammad (P. W. Ough. H) in Youtube inside picked countries immediately after that attained proper complications from particular says.

A spokesperson regarding video-streaming web page Youtube, that is owned or operated simply by Yahoo, possesses advised who’s possesses started off cutting down availability pieces of the privately-produced motion picture, in keeping with their community recommendations.

Youtube will be doing attempts in order to block just about all fake and the doubtful video clips inside picked nations around the world which may have noted the demonstration on this certain movie.

How to unblock YouTube using a web proxy

Having troubles being able to view YouTube? Let the proxy websites serve you!

YouTube has turned into a very essential component of our lives. Whether it truly is to destroy time, to get music video tutorials or for learning objective for students, it should indeed be a very significant web page life devoid of which looks void! Precisely what if you’re instantly deprived from the access involving YouTube? You’re positive to feel lost knowing that something very near to you has been confiscated. Obviously this offers happened to numerous when due to misdeed involving certain men and women or their particular actions; websites like YouTube and also other networks are blocked because of the administrator from the country. The great thing is that often there is a way to avoid of such complex and also saddened situations knowing that too in an exceedingly non-technical approach!

The greatest way for you to unblock YouTube is if you use proxy websites. Whether ones country is coping with some technical aid, politics issues, or you could have moved from a different location and are also depressed with the YouTube staying blocked (which offers remotely happened the government financial aid your hometown), you should get with it somehow. So how might these proxy websites really work for you? Easy! All you want to do is start up your browser and enter ‘proxy websites’ from the search bar, hit enter in. It will certainly return together with endless outcomes of proxy websites to select from. Pick whichever you like, it actually doesn’t make a difference though if you are very specific about the features many of them contain. When you have chosen your choice of proxy, simply type the URL of YouTube and your done!

Why work with proxy for YouTube? Firstly, this would be the easiest technique of doing and so. It premiums low in relation to the knowing and complexity of the usb ports. Everybody offers the hang of the usb ports right away. Secondly, there isn’t any hassle involving downloading just about any content or some sort of software using your laptop. Simply search for a proxy website plus your destination web page, YouTube, via there. You cannot keep upon downloading programs or Personal Private Networks from anywhere you log in. That is too much frustrating and also besides, sometimes such downloaded articles causes the body to reduce its improvement. Thirdly, many of them are on hand free involving cost. Not only that, there is often a while report on features to select from which includes encryption involving communication directed between you plus the proxy and also cookie

managing. Usually whenever you visit a web page via proxy web page, it is rich in advertisements which sometimes turn out to be too incredible. There is often a feature which helps manage these issues for you.

Since proxy websites carry this feature involving anonymity, it only adds to the many benefits of using the item over other ways of accessing YouTube. A proxy web page, acting like a middleman, sends this messages through hiding this IP address of the computer and also replacing it with its own tackle. This helps you to stay out from the picture as ‘You’ for nobody could track a person. All that could appear towards web pages could be the proxy’s tackle. That attends to your privacy and unblocking YouTube, thereby killing two chickens with a single stone!

The only issue that pertains to the proxy web page is that don’t assume all time and not all this proxies may work for you on each and every system. If you utilize a system pictures workplace in which YouTube is blocked, there is generally a tracking record of all websites their particular employees check out. Also, there might be proxies your company often have added into their block listing so you will have to dig with deeper. Although some companies may not bother to get such rigid measures, there are several out there with dealt together with related issues several times and know how to address them. You might be to come to a decision that through which category does your business or university lie; this former or the last option? Whichever the truth may be, make sure you then have a very good excuse to have away with if you’re caught. Best of luck though!

Anonymous web browsing

Find out more on anonymous net browsing, how in addition to why to obtain it.

Anonymity within today’s world is now our utmost priority in a few cases wherever we think our privacy may be breached. Many men and women don’t enjoy it when his or her information is actually saved in a manner that could be used to trail them and the thought that their private information is travelling as an unstoppable train through the entire Internet drives them livid! Consider yourself as such a man or woman; would you prefer the Internet to share with you, what’s rightfully your own, throughout the web? Of course you don’t!  Then you are the number one contender who needs to surf the web anonymously. Basically, you wouldn’t want others to learn who you actually are or perhaps any connected information.

Here usually are many reasons you wish to surf the web anonymously:

* You don’t want your individual information, for example credit card number, being tracked.

* You don’t want anonymous promoting meant exclusively for you almost everywhere you travel online.

* That you are in a school or perhaps an business office where there is certainly restricted surfing of the Internet wherever websites, such as websites, are obstructed and you wish to use all of them anyway anonymously.

* Sites you wish to visit usually are banned or not available in the country or perhaps regional district and because you believe they may be useful for you personally in a proven way or additional, you wish to view all of them.

* You believe you can be a free in addition to liberal one that like to help opinionate which could otherwise always be contradicted or perhaps disagreed simply by people plus they may trail you in addition to hunt people down for the process (although your house is in a no cost, democratic country).

See? Anonymous net browsing is just not a awful thing by any means, it isn’t necessary that you simply use it for illegal or the many illegitimate motives. There could possibly be hundreds associated with other main reasons why you would want to surf the web anonymously nevertheless all lie beneath the same umbrella though: You don’t want your level of privacy exposed.

So how will you go regarding it? When you open up a site, your computer’s facts, such as a possible IP deal with, is sent in the network as well as your geographical locations along with other general facts is passed through the network to the website. This information works extremely well for advertising to your advantage or with regard to tracking people down within future for virtually every online misdeed you are doing. Hate thinking about this? Get of gone it simply by hiding the IP. Simply utilize web proxy in addition to Virtual Individual Network available through the entire web which could help protect your privacy the way you want it to.